Powerful Hosting
Without the Cost

High Performance Hosting

Minimal lag on the latest high-end hardware, all for an amazing cost. We provide a wide variety of services including: Game, VPS, Dedicated Servers and more!

Get More, Pay Less

Why pay for extreme hosting prices? At CiviHost, we take pride in having easily customizable plans to fit your budget. Don't pay for resources you won't ever use.

Virtual Private Servers for Complete Control

Unlike a Game Server, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) can run anything you want. Think of it like a virtual remote PC that only you have access to. Powered by our first-class premium hardware, enjoy Bare-Metal performance for a competitive price.

Budget-Friendly & Game-Ready

When we started CivilHost, we envisioned a host that didn't overcharge their users, all whilst still giving an amazing experience. Now we've reached that goal, all without sacrificing crucial performance for the end user.

Minecraft Server Features You Can't Miss

With Modpack Selectors, Plugin Installers, Version Changers, and more, we fine turned our industry standard Pterodactyl Panel for your quality of life.

Virtual Machines that excel

We strive for great server performance unlike our competitors

Get prices starting at $1.5/Gb, with a friendly support team here to help.

Provider Price Performance Pricing Scheme Setup Fees Hardware Support
CivilHost $1.5/GiB Non-overallocated Monthly None DDR5, 4.0+GHz Excellent
Contabo $0.8/GiB Overallocated, poor Monthly Yes DDR4, 2.8 GHz Poor & Slow
AWS $4.5/GiB Average Complex pay as you go model None Unknown Support is a Surcharge
Hetzner Cloud (US) $1.7/GiB Mediocre Prorated Monthly None DDR4, ~2.2GHz EU-Based, decent
Linode (US) $6/GiB Average Hourly / Monthly None DDR4, ~2.2GHz Decent
Digital Ocean $6/GiB Average Hourly / Monthly None DDR4, ~2.2GHz Decent
Vultr $6/GiB Average Hourly / Monthly None DDR4, ~2.2GHz Decent