Service Level Agreement


This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is a contract between the person or entity using the Company’s Services (“Customer”) and CivilHost (“Company”) and applies to Customer’s use of the Company’s Services. The Customer must read and agree with all of the terms and conditions contained in this SLA. CivilHost may change this at any time. The following services are covered in this SLA: Virtual Private Server Hosting (“VPS”), Game Hosting (“Game”), Web Hosting (“Web”), Client Support Requests (“Support”). All availability percentages are assumed over the course of one (1) month (30 days) unless specified otherwise.


  • Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS): “VPS”
  • Game Hosting: “Game”
  • Web Hosting: “Web”
  • Client Support Requests / Support Tickets / Support inquiries: “Support”

SLA Coverage

CivilHost’s SLA applies only to the following interruptions:

  • Panel: We guarantee 99% panel availability to all applicable services. If at any time our panel service does not uphold this SLA for 30 consecutive minutes, the affected service will be covered by our SLA.
  • Network: We guarantee 99.9% Network availability to all applicable services. If at any time our service does not maintain this SLA for 30 consecutive minutes, the affected service will be covered by this SLA. The difference between Panel, Hardware and Network downtime is when a service’s IP address is pingable, but you are unable to access said service.
  • Hardware: We guarantee our physical hardware will be able to supply service 99.95% of the year. If at any time our machines are not able to maintain this SLA for 5 consecutive minutes, the affected service will be covered by our SLA.
  • Support: We guarantee we will make a response to a support inquiry within 12 hours. If at any time we are unable to respond to support requests within 12 hours, the affected customer will be covered by our SLA.
  • DDoS Mitigation: (Starting June 6th, 2024) We guarantee to attempt to handle & mitigate malicious attacks at an uplink level. Our DDoS protection is provided by our uplink provider(s) and can mitigate 20 Gigabits to Terabits per second of malicious traffic before reaching our network. Our main provider has not dealt with significantly sized attacks, this number is hypothetical but we guarentee 20 gigabit minimum protection. Outside of this, we have an internal DDoS protection solution that can mitigate bad traffic that is as strong as our uplink speed, which will remain undisclosed due to security reasons.

SLA Limitations

  • Planned Maintenance: We give adequate warning in advance via email, on our website or Discord. See “Communication” section.
  • Software issues: Software is not within the scope of our service. If any software errors occur, we do our best to correct them however we do not cover errors, crashes or any service interruptions caused by software.
  • Client-caused interruptions: We do not cover issues caused by the customer. If CivilHost deems a customer’s own actions caused service interruption it will not be covered by SLA.
  • Exceeding resources: Service interruptions caused by services using more resources than available is not covered.
  • Force majeure: Any unforeseen or unpreventable catastrophes are not covered by this SLA, this includes acts from any and all Governments, weather events, power outages, etc. This SLA will not cover any events such as this.


CivilHost will communicate to clients and users at the following:

  • Client’s emails.

Enhanced Support

When you purchase the "Premium Support" Addon, CivilHost will provide:

  • Application / Program Installation (Including Mods & Plugins for Game Servers, and apps such as Pterodactyl for Virtual Machines & Dedicated Servers)
  • Server Security Audits (Virtual Machines & Dedicated Server Services Only)
  • Faster Support response times (CivilHost must respond to support inquiries within 12 hours, instead of 24)
  • CivilHost is not responsible if the user requests something CivilHost cannot easily provide. CivilHost must make a reasonable attempt at providing for the client.

Non-Compliance Claims

In the event of non-compliance, the client will be compensated as per below:

  • For every twelve (12) hours of downtime, the client will receive 15 extra days.
  • If the downtime is less than 12 hours, the client will receive only 7 extra days.
  • For example: If there is a downtime of 13 hours, clients will recieve 21 extra days of compensation. If there is a downtime of 11 hours, clients will receive 7 days of compensation. Compensation will vary depending on the situation. CivilHost aims to provide quality customer service, we provide more than listed SLA compensations, with usual multiple free months of service given to affected clients.
  • For Enhanced Support: If CivilHost does not meet support requirements, the client shall recieve a full refund for the support addon.

To receive service compensation, the client must create a Billing Ticket on our website through their client account.

SLA claims must be submitted within 48 hours of the outage.

All Claims will be investigated.

The outcome of the claim is at CivilHost’s discretion.

Any SLA claims we deem fraudulent will be rejected.

Any SLA claims for scheduled downtime will be rejected.

Any claims that we believe were caused by the customer (For example, if a customer launches a Denial of Service attack, blacklists an IP address, causes hardware failure, etc) will not be covered by this SLA, and potential legal action will be taken against the Client.

This SLA is only valid for direct, paying clients of CivilHost.

Last Updated May 7th, 2024